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What are Resident Permits? 

A resident permit is a document used to verify the person who is a citizen of a nation. The government issues this permit to their citizens or people who lived in their state for many years ago. There are two types of these documents 

  • Temporary residency
  • Permanent residency

Basic information on this Card:

  • Your name
  • Father name
  • Nationality ID card number
  • Home address 
  • Date of birth
  • Permission of work 

After having this card you will be able to enjoy the facilities that Government offer to their citizens. The most appreciated thing is in this permit is permission of work, moreover you can buy your own property, you can buy your car whatever you want to buy you can buy with this permit no one can stop you. Having this card you feel safe in your own self. The paper comes with bundles of benefits. 

Benefits of having Resident Permit:

  • Having this document you will be permanently legal for immigration.
  • Social security benefits
  • Medical benefits that offer you free checkup and treatment
  • Free insurance
  • Children security plus insurance
  • Assist your family in a tough time.
  • Having this document you will be able to get a job easily
  • It supports you in your university admissions and studies purposes
  • With permanent residence permits by buying property 


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